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Kensal Halloween

The Halloween 'Trick or Treat' along Dundonald Rd and Wrentham Ave has become huge, with an estimated two thousand people joining the fun every (non-Covid-affected) year.

There is now a Facebook group and Instagram feed that tell the story.

It has also become a major fundraising event, with £30,000 being raised over the past few years, thanks to the generosity of local people on the night with the bucket collection, online donations, support from Queens Park Design & Build and residents' matched funding.

The money has helped Dundonald residents Anita and Bittu towards their goal of raising £1 million to make children's lives better, with the majority of money going to The Great Ormond St Hospital.


Since 2019 we have fundraised for The Avenues Youth Project and Salusbury World, our local refugee charity.

This included teaming up with Queens Park Books, Winkworth and Queens Park Design & Build to take the crowds off Dundonald Rd and Wrentham during Covd restrictions and deliver parcel gifts  to 430 children, raising £7,800!  

Dundonald and Wrentham residents could use help in the following ways (other than continuing to donate, of course!):

1. Can you lend us any equipment/costumes to help us put on the displays - or have contacts you can suggest?

2. Would you like to 'borrow' a garden space on the two roads to decorate and raise money for your own choice of local charity?

(We have the huge numbers of visitors - but many residents in this area don't have the time to decorate).

3.  Can you help us collect money on the night? Or help us steward the area, e.g. helping to keep the area safe from traffic?

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